Everyone makes mistakes; correcting these mistakes can be tricky. This is especially true in relationships. If you’ve done something that upset your bae, it may seem impossible to restore peace to your relationship. However, if you prove by your words and behavior that you want to make amends, you can return your relationship to a happier dynamic. Here are the things to do when your bae is mad at you.

 What To Do When Bae Is Mad

1. Give him time and space.

The more you try to approach him the more he will wait out. So just let be, and take a break for a while. Don’t worry about the relationship, this is certainly not a break up, if it was he would have picked up your call and let you know that he doesn’t want to continue further. Let the cold war thaw out for a while and let him calm down. Stop calling him if he’s not picking your calls, stop trying to get in touch with him if he’s avoiding you, and just live your life for a while.

 Simple ways To Do When Bae Is Mad

2. Find the right time and place to talk when he’s ready.

Don’t take it personally if he gets angry. He’s just upset and things will blow over. Sometimes he will just need to work things out on his own. Walk away for a while but make sure he knows you’re there for him and will talk if he wants.

 Apologize When Bae Is Mad

3. Apologize — and mean it.

Apologize early and often; admit that you were wrong (if you were) and take responsibility. Don’t use the sorry-not-really-sorry line of “I’m sorry you got so upset.” It shifts the responsibility onto him and makes it sound as if you’re not sorry for your actions, you just wish he wouldn’t get mad about it.

 Make him smile - When Bae Is Mad

4. Make him smile. 

Humor is disarming. If you can make him laugh, or even smile a bit, you can get your foot in the metaphorical door. Men are not as complicated as women. It doesn’t take a dozen roses or a pair of designer shoes to make them feel special. They are simple and much cheaper. Guys just want to feel needed and appreciated. All it takes is a small, thoughtful gesture to give your man the smile that changes his day.

 Care - When Bae Is Mad

5. Tell him how much you care about him.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean to piss him off… you have already upset him. So validate his emotions by reminding him of your love for him. He will feel better if he knows you don’t feel awkward so get close to him. Let him know you’re always there for him and you care for him. If it’s true (and only if it’s true) tell him you love him.

 Do Something - When Bae Is Mad

6. Do something he’s always wanted to do.

Maybe he wants to go to a baseball game with you; go with him and don’t complain about it if you’re not that into sports. Maybe there’s just a new restaurant he’s been talking about — surprise him with a reservation.