Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of love by ourselves alone – we find it with another. When you fall in love, let it be with a real person with flaws. Not with a perfect character from a fairy tale. Read our Top Love Quotescollection from Mr. Bolero.

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1. Di mo masasabing MATATAG ka sa isang RELASYON, kung sa simpleng AWAY lang HIWALAYAN agad ang naiisip mong SOLUSYON.

Misunderstanding is always present in relationships. Break-ups aren’t the solution. Stop blaming. Blame games serve no purpose as there is no fun in crying over spilt milk. What has happened has happened and blaming someone for it is not going to solve anything. Just accept what has happened and let the moment pass. You can sit and talk about it when both of you are in the right mood.

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2. Alam mo yung tipong madaming gustong magmahal sayo. Pero nababaliw ka sa isang taong di makita ang halaga mo.

There’s nothing worse than putting all your effort into doing everything right for someone you love, and having it end up all wrong. Fall for someone who makes you feel great. Not the one who’s the reason why your heart breaks? Believe that someone will see what you are really worth and treat you the way you should be treated.

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3. Kung mahal mo ang isang tao, patunayan mo. Hindi yung ipaparamdam mo lang kung kailan mo gusto. Ano yun, weather weather lang?

If you’re really in love, show it. Stop saying things you cannot in the end. Putting the other person first is essential to love. This means that you must care about the other person more than you care about yourself. When the other person needs something, you must be willing to give up what you need in order to fulfill their needs. You cannot show true love to someone while still putting your own desires above theirs. The only way to show love is to put the other person’s needs above your own.

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 4. Mahirap mag sorry. Lalo na’t alam mong nasa tama ka.

Sorry. A small word with a huge responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard to apologize when you know deep in your heart, you do nothing. But you will swallow your pride and apologize for the things you’ve not done for the one you love. To make things get better.


5. Minsan okay na din yung may hinala. Para kapag nalaman mo yung totoo, hindi kana mabibigla.

The truth often hurts but it can set us free. Lying in a relationship should never be an option. Though it might introduce temporary happiness, you’ll end up facing its dire consequences later on. We should be reminded that an imperfect but honest relationship is far better than a perfect one rooted by lies and deception.

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6. Pag ang babae, hindi na nagselos, tandaan mo…wala na syang pake.

When one person in a relationship is tired of another, they will start to care less and less about things that could potentially make the relationship worse. For many women and men as well, this is a mechanism that we internally flip when we have already received adequate damage to our hearts. After a person is heart it is harder for them to trust the person who hurt them, especially if the person continues to hurt them over and over again.