Some people love things they cannot have. The harder it is for them to get their hands on those things, the more obsessed they become. And when they finally have it in their hands, they disregard them as easy as if they did not just spend their time chasing after it. In short, it was all about the chase. They only liked the thrill of chasing after what they thought they cannot have. They only liked the thought of going out of their way to prove that they actually can.
That in itself is cruel. Cruel, most especially to the victims of their thirst for thrill. Because at the end of the day, they will be tossed aside the moment they try to weaken their walls. Just when they thought they were finally pursued, they realized that they were only wanted when they were unattainable. Cruel.
Are we not supposed to value things we worked so hard for? All those wasted time, efforts, and money for nothing? Or did they intend to love the fruit of their labor only to realize that it was not what they wanted after all? Did they come to the sad realization that they were chasing the wrong thing the entire time? Were they also disappointed that they invested their time on the wrong cause?How does this work? Can we even question things in this complicated world when an unreasonable thing can be reasonable when seen from another point of view?