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The Legal Wife Syndrome

Bitter Tagalog Quotes

Bitter Tagalog Quotes

#16Nakakatawa ung mga wala pang asawa, pero kung makapag post na relate daw sila sa The Legal Wife. Lolz

Kung makarelate wagas. Single naman. Ang tanong ilan na ba lumuko sayo? Hard ba? Kasi nman kung maka-emote, akala mo married na na-cheat, boyfriend mo pa lang hindi mo pa sya pwede kasuhan kasi you’re not he’s legal wife yet, pakasal muna kayo. Cheating for me is not a mistake it’s a choice. You choice to cheat on her, you’re not loyal to her. Once you love her you will never let her hurt and cry.

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#17Kung pagod ka na, BITAWAN mo na, hindi ung nagpapakatanga ka eh madami pa namang ibang mas BETTER sa kanya.

This quote is for Nicole of the Legal wife. (Portraying Maja Salvador.) In the place he knows that Adrian (Jericho Rosales) is already committed with her best friend Monica but she’s stupidest throw herself to Adrian to get his attention and fall to her. She’s an attention seeker and her jealousness broke her friendship with her best friend Monica.

I word to describe Adrian (Jericho Rosales) is Asshole.

And also Monica (Angel Locsin), she’s love by everybody and Nicole felt envious. She’s a wife that full of hatred, doubts and fears for being fooled and she’s afraid to happen again and now she bothered. She fights for her family. For me she’s a broken wife. And if I’m Monica I will let go Adrian, just let him realize the things he take for granted when he cheat Monica. I still have my child, were still married and I have a rights on him.
I don’t know what will happen next in this drama but I’m always watched it. I hook with their character and I’m angry with the character of Adrian and Nicole. I’m married and I relate in this drama not because my husband cheat on me, but I know what I would feel if that happen.
I call it, “The Legal Wife Syndrome”. Because I’m also affected on this drama, kulang araw ko kung hindi ko sya na twit with their #hastag and also share the some updates from their fan pages. Their lines is also catching, I always read in their posted status and facebook, twitter and other social media.