Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

1. She Plays with Her Hair

While it may sound strange to men, ladies use their hair to say a lot of things. Unfortunately, it’s simply not a language we speak.

A girl who is interested in you will often touch her hair (either to correct it or to play with it) while near you.

This is a subconscious thing women do when attracted to a man, wanting to be perfect by correcting a flyaway or replacing a fallen curl!

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

2. She Wants to Be in Your Presence Regularly

Every time she walks into a room full of people, her eyes seek you out first. Pay attention as this may even be a quick, simple thing such as this:

“She walks in, views you, gives you a quick smile and then turns to find her friends.”

Still, you were first, and that means a lot! Want to know why? Because it says that she was thinking of you before she even walked into that room!

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

3. She Discusses You with Her Friends

A girl who feels attraction to a boy will want to talk about him to all of her friends. What do they think? Do they think he is interested in her? Wouldn’t they make such a cute couple? What do you think his favorite color is? If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you, this is one of those VITAL signs you should look for.

While this may sound like strange jibber-jabber to men, it’s a huge compliment. Every girl wants affirmation on her attraction (especially if you haven’t made any romantic moves yet) from the people who are closest to her!

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

4. Notice the little things she does for you.

If she’s always there for you when you need help, even like when you mention that you’re really thirsty and she quickly offers you a sip from her drink, she might like you. But don’t assume that she’s into you only from one experience. Ask her occasionally for small things, like chewing gum or a pen, and notice how she reacts. If she’s always ready to offer you something you might need, go further and ask her to help you with something else, like a school, college or work problem. It shouldn’t be something really easy to solve, but not too difficult either, as some girls might say that they don’t know how to help you with a more challenging problem. If she’s eager to help you, she probably likes you, although if you use this approach too much or choose tasks that seem too difficult, she may think you’re lazy, testing her or even a bit of a nuisance. Don’t overdo it; you don’t want to risk her ceasing to like you.

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

5. Watch her body language.

You can learn a lot about a girl by observing her body language and it goes well beyond obvious flirting signs into unconscious signals of attraction. There are a lot of signs that will tell you she’s interested. For example, if a girl has her torso turned towards you in an open manner, this means that she is confident talking with you. If she has a closed body position, namely crossed arms or legs, she may be shy or nervous to talk to you or she may simply be creating a barrier to ward you off. Invest in a decent book on body language to help you learn how to accurately read her.

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

6. Look at her friends.

If you see most of her friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling, this probably means that she has told her friends about you and they’re “in the know”. This can happen at any age, although mature girls and women friends tend to behave in a slightly more circumspect way, using glances and knowing smiles or nods instead of giggles. In some cases, a friend may actually be bold enough to come and tell you that her friend likes you.

Sven(7) Signs That a Girl Likes You

7.Smile at her.

Girls tend to like guys who smile, and are happy. Use your natural smile; you don’t want to freak her out. If she smiles back politely, or frowns and looks away, she may be uncomfortable or disinterested. If she returns a soft or big smile and continues to look at you, then it’s likely that she’s interested. However she reacts, it cannot hurt to keep smiling her way. Eventually she’ll get the message that you find her charming and she may feel able to open up more or at least to tell you openly that she’s either interested or not.

If she smiles then darts over to the crowd of her friends and hides in the group, then she may be nervous and curious about whether you know that she likes you.