Six Tips on How to Build Sexual Tension

Sexual tension can be exciting and sexy, and oh-so-much-fun as long as you know the rules. Find out how to build sexual tension with someone you like using these tips.

Sexual tension is a sexy thing. It can make you feel good about yourself, can make life so much more exciting and can give you something to look forward to everyday. Have you ever experienced sexual tension with a colleague at work? Then you’d know just how exciting it feels to drive to work every morning. No Monday blues, no sick leaves, nothing. You’re just excited to see this person and enjoy the sexual tension.

How to build Sexual Tension - 01

1.Sneaky eye contact. 

Make eye contact often. But don’t be obvious about it. Look at this friend you like, but just as she looks back at you, look away. When you’re trying to build sexual tension, it’s all about being discreet.

Even if you get caught looking, just smile at this girl and look away in a second. When you make someone wonder if you were actually looking at them, you’re making them think of you and wonder if you’ve got more than friends on your mind.


2.Talk naughty. 

Talk naughty, but don’t get dirty. Whenever the opportunity arises, talk about something funny and yet sexy. If you can see a bit of her cleavage, look straight at it and look away in an obvious manner. She may immediately cover it up, but she’d know you noticed it. You can talk naughty or just use your gestures, as long as you get naughty with her.

How to build Sexual Tension - 03

3.Show yourself off. 

Look for ways to show off your sexy assets, be it your charm or your physique. Now this will work only if she’s already sexually attracted to you, so make sure you’ve warmed her up first with the earlier moves.

How to build Sexual Tension - 04

4.Intense goodbyes. 

Whenever you’re about to say goodbye, make her feel like you don’t want to say goodbye at all. Don’t do this when there are others around though. Sexual tension should always be a well-kept secret.

Every time you have to say goodbye to her, hug her but linger just a second more than normal. Delay the goodbye with some idle talk or just stare deeply into her eyes like you want to say something, but are holding the thought back. It’ll take the sexual tension to an all new high.

How to build Sexual Tension - 05

5.Overdo the gestures. 

Hold her hands when you have the opportunity, but almost clasp it by slightly interlacing your fingers with hers. Kiss her on her cheeks while saying goodbye, but almost kiss her lips. Place your hand on the back while crossing the street, but get it almost near her butt. Whisper in her ears when you have to say something quietly, but let your lips graze her ears.

You get what I mean, don’t you? Use regular gestures and turn them into super sexy sexual tension builders.

How to build Sexual Tension - 06

6.Act on it, but don’t overdo it. 

How far are you willing to take it? Now that you’ve built the sexual tension up, it has to go somewhere. Do you like this girl, or are you just terribly sexually attracted to her? If you’re going to constantly rouse the sexual tension between you and a friend, the bubble has to burst at some point. So what are you going to do, make out or get out?