“Top 6 Bitter Love Quotes”

When you feel sad, rejected, or frustrated in love, the bitter love quotes are the ideal ones, which can express your heart in the truest sense. Everyone has gone through this feeling before, so here are a few tagalog bitter love quotes that bring out the bleakness of love.

Top 6 Bitter Love Quotes-1
“Alam mo ng TAKEN dinidikitan mo pa. Matanong ko lang… Higad ka ba?”
There are girls out there who feel that they can get anything they want, including something that’s not available for the taking, like your significant other. When a flirt fishes for a man, she fishes merely for the sport. Don’t confront the flirt. Why would you confront a girl that is flirting on your man, especially if he is making it clear that you are his girlfriend? You also don’t want to make a huge scene. Instead, just pull your boyfriend away – or make sure that, with your actions, you are making it clear that the guy is claimed.

“Masakit pag iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo. Mas masakit pag nakita mo sya na may mahal na syang iba. Pero ang sakit sakit pag nakita mo syang maligaya. Maligaya sya kse wala ka na”

Why love the one who loves another? Why give everything if only pain comes in return? Why wait if there’s nothing to wait for? I guess the answer is love. To feel pain is natural, but to make it something that ruins your life long after the event has taken place is totally unnatural. Feel the pain, learn from it, and use it in a way that makes you grow so that you can move forward with your life and have better results as you go along. Decide today to stop suffering and let the past be the past.

Top 6 Bitter Love Quotes-2
“Huwag kang umasa sa taong PURO SALITA.. Hangga’t wala siyang ginagawa, wala kang dahilan para maniwala”

Sometimes people can say anything they want, but if their actions don’t back it up….it really has no meaning. Never ever be fooled by words. When it comes to expressing to your significant other that you are in love with him or her, actions speak louder than words! There is only one way to tell your significant other that you love them, but there are a million ways to show that person that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with them. Love isn’t about how often you say it, it’s about how often you prove that it’s true.

“Ang problema ng mga taong INGGITERO AT INGGITERA, hindi marunong mag-appreciate kung anong meron sila”

It’s natural to be jealous of another person once in a while. But when you’re so blinded by jealousy that you spend all of your time wishing you had what others have and can’t stop to appreciate your own circumstances, then you have a problem. Instead of focusing on all the things you don’t have that others do, focus on what you do have and how grateful you are for those things.

Top 6 Bitter Love Quotes-3
“If someone leaves you, don’t dare cry. Just smile and be happy. Pero bago mo siya tuluyang palayain, ibulong mo to sa kanya, “Maganda ako”. Pasalamat ka pinatulan kita”

If someone leaves you, it’s most likely because they didn’t recognize your true value. You shouldn’t want to be with someone that would do this, and even though it hurts right now they’ll eventually realize that they made a big mistake and should have seen just how special you are. When you’re with someone that would do that it just means that you need to be with someone else that wouldn’t. Now that you’ve broken up you can set your sights on a better match for you.

“Tigilan mo na kakumpara ng EX mo sa PRESENT mo, dahil hindi mo ba naisip na kung okay si EX eh di sana kayo pa!”

Learn to accept. Accept everything he/she have. Stop complaining and stop comparing. Comparing can cause conflict in every relationship. You just have to value your present. Stop comparing your past relationship with your new one. Sometimes, it is eventually your fault why past/EX exists cause if you’re good enough, there will be no EX in the process.

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