Road Quotes 2016 English Collections


The roads in the city had been built in the days of wealth and grandeur. They were wide enough for several lanes of cars in each direction. They must have been flat and glossy black back then with neat lines of white and yellow like in the old movies. There is no paint left, but then there are no cars either.


They will say that you are on the wrong road, if it is your own.

Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken.


The best road to progress is freedom’s road


Remember, A bend in the Road is not the End of the Road Keep Going


Everything I was I carry with me, Everything I will be Lies Waiting on the Road Ahead


Roads were made for Journeys Not Destination



Every Road to Success is not Paved with a Straight and Easy Path.


No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.


Sometimes you just got to find a old dirt road and go where it takes you.


Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations


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