In the bustling streets of life’s grand stage, Where dreams collide and hopes take flight, There stands a figure, weathered with age, A silent witness to the dance of light.

Reklamdor sa buhay, oh weary soul, A traveler on this winding road, Through highs and lows, a tale untold, In every step, a heavy load.

In neon lights and city haze, Where echoes of laughter blend with cries, The reklamdor weaves through life’s maze, A silent seeker beneath the skies.

In every corner, a story unfolds, Of triumphs won and battles lost, In whispered secrets and tales untold, The reklamdor bears the human cost.

For life, a stage where we all play, Our parts in this grand masquerade, But the reklamdor, night and day, Watches on, in silence, unafraid.

So let us heed the reklamdor’s call, To cherish each moment, each fleeting breath, For in the end, when shadows fall, It’s the memories we’ll hold until our death.