Thousands of unsaid thoughts were piling up, weighing us down bit by bit until it all became too heavy of a burden to bear. How did we let these little things get in our way? How did we not conquer them all when we used to be so great of a team? I tried looking for possible reasons, but I found none that was not the one thing I was afraid of. Of course, it was miscommunication. It always has been.

Bear with me if I have sentiments that I do not share with you. Bear with me if I keep my feelings inside me. Bear with me if I cannot talk to you anytime you want or need. Bear with me if I had to take some time before I can open up with anyone.

For how can you expect a very private person like me to share things that I could not bear to say aloud? How can you expect me to open up about things that I spent years bottling up inside me?

It was not that I am not trying to meet you halfway. I have always been willing to compromise. But please understand if I still draw lines for the sake of my sanity. I have done my best to make this love last, but I will always leave something for myself. I would not let myself be drained this time because this love was supposed to be the good kind. One that does not ruin you in the process of saving it.