Relationships in general are difficult, but one of the hardest aspects of maintaining a healthy one is knowing when your significant other is mad at you. Your girlfriend could be mad at you and you might not even know it. Here are some simple signs to help figure it out.

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1. Hindi ka nya tinetext o kaya tinatawagan.

Women often make first contact during the day — she’ll call to make plans for the night, to ask questions or just to talk to you. Suddenly, the phone and email contact is silent. She’s angry and she really doesn’t want to have any contact with you at all. She hasn’t called, texted, emailed and you suddenly find yourself being the first to pick up the phone or shoot an email.

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2. Pag kinakausap mo sya, “Ah” at “Ok” lang ang maririnig mo.

Normally, your conversation involves rows and rows of dialogue. The past few days, however, her answers have been short, cold and to the point. In some cases the responses involve just one word — no. If a woman doesn’t want to go into great detail, she won’t, especially when she’s upset about an unrelated issue. If you’re getting just one-line or one-word answers, there is a bigger problem on the horizon.

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3. Ginagawa nyang big deal ang lahat. Ultimo kaliit-liitang bagay.

Eventually, the pent-up anger will come to a head, especially because she’s not only upset about something you’ve done or said, but because since the initial conflict, you’ve probably done more than a few other things to irk and annoy her. She is already mad and all the other little things are building up on top of it until she finally explodes over an issue that’s got little to nothing to do with the original reason she’s mad. So while she’s tearing you a new one for forgetting to take out the recycling, she really’s got bigger things on her mind.

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4. Mabibingi ka sa sobrang katahimikan pag magkasama kayo.

Most women are communicators. One way you can tell if your girlfriend is upset with you is by how talkative she is. If she typically talks a lot and suddenly goes quiet, there is a good possibility that something’s wrong. If you’re afraid that her silence is a result of a mistake you’ve made, you need to ask her about it — you need to know what it is you did that made her upset so it doesn’t happen again. Sit her down and ask her what’s wrong, what you can do to fix the current situation, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Tell her you care — it means a lot to her!

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5. Sobrang tagal nyang sagutin ang mga texts at tawag mo.

For a woman who constantly checks her phone, she is taking an unusually long time to respond to your calls and texts. It’s because she really has no intention of responding, but because she doesn’t want to be as inconsiderate as you’ve been in the past, she’s responding out of kindness. She’s just responding on her own time. She’s probably spending the first few minutes biting her tongue and refraining from saying what’s really on her mind.

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6. Tinatawag ka nya sa pangalan mo, hindi sa endearment nyo.

Since the onset of your relationship, given names have been replaced with endearment like “babe” or “hon” and you can’t remember the last time she called you by your real name. Actually, you can, because she’s been using your real name for the last few days. She hasn’t used a single term of endearment when talking to, or about, you in conversation.