Sometimes you wonder whether someone really into you. What are signs that he likes you? With no further explanation, here’s how to tell if a guy likes you:

 How To Find Out If A Guy Likes You In Just 6 Ways - 1

1. Kapag ang isang tao ay nagsabi in-person o sa chat na “ui, bagay tayo :D” o “sana tayo lang”, tapos binawi niya bigla o sinundan niya ng “JOKE!”, maalarma ka na. Jokes are half meant. 

Men aren’t always the most mature creatures. When one is crushing on you, he might not know the proper way to express his feelings, so he’ll decide to just tease you instead. Sometimes the playful things he does will seem cute, but they can also get pretty annoying if you’re not in the mood to deal with them.

 How To Find Out If A Guy Likes You In Just 6 Ways - 2

2. Bini-build up sya ng mga kaibigan nya sayo.

Do his friends talk him up to you? A guy’s friends can be super helpful in finding out whether he has a crush on you. If you notice that his friends are always “casually” mentioning how great this guy is, especially if he’s single, they are probably trying to be “wingmen” for him!

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3. Yung tipong concern sya sayo (mas concern pa sa parents mo).

Another way you can tell if a guy likes you – he’ll be protective of you. If he offers you help, or offers you his coat, or whatever, those are all good signs. Maybe he’s just being a gentleman, but more often the case is that he simply likes you and wants to make sure you don’t get hurt.

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4. Iniiwasan niya ang tingin mo. “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” 

His eyes will reveal everything. If you catch him looking at you and he looks away quickly and acts as if he’s busy about something – that’s a great sign. Anything that reveals he is slightly nervous around you or is trying to hide his interest is a good sign in general. As already noted, a guy who is interested in you will look at you a lot, even if covertly. He may try to catch your eye or, if he’s shy, he may suddenly turn his head away if you catch him checking you out.

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5. Trust your guts. Kung feeling mo crush ka ng isang tao, most probably tama ang iyong hinala. Pero, beware again, wag ka masyadong feelingero/feelingera.

The best way to tell if a guy likes you is to simply go with your guts. 99.99% of the time when you’re wondering whether a guy likes your or not – he likes you. Women are naturals at picking up on these signals of attraction. Whenever you have a feeling that he likes you, it’s almost certain that he does. You subconsciously picked up on these clues and you feel there’s something happening there. Just go with your gut feeling.

 How To Find Out If A Guy Likes You In Just 6 Ways - 6

6. Kung nasaan ka, magugulat ka na lang andun din pala sya.

Have you noticed recently that he often pops up at places where you are? It’s pretty obvious that he wants to be close to you, especially if it’s been happening quite a lot in a short space of time. He’s making a deliberate effort to get to know you and feels that spending more time in the same places as you, even if not in your direct company, will increase his chances. He may be shy so, if you like him, maybe you’ll need to give him some encouragement that his efforts are not in vain. Naturally, if he seems to be at every single place where you are without fail, including sat on the kerb outside your house at midnight, then the word stalker comes to mind…