Did you hear that before? or do you consider yourself like that?

Failure is defined as the absence of success. But failure is not the opposite of success; actually, it is part of it.

Most people are afraid to reach their dreams just because they think they are failures. Well, they are wrong because failure never defines your ability and it never limits you as a human being. It’s not failure that keeps you from your dreams, it is you! When you want to be successful, reset your mindset. Tell yourself that whatever happens, no matter how many times you fail or how many painful words you hear from other people, just keep going.

Take the chance to show the world that you are not a failure, they just cannot see how successful you are. Failure doesn’t define who you are, it is you who will define yourself. And success is never worth it if we don’t learn how to fail.

Failure, that’s only how the world sees you if you aren’t yet successful. Being a failure is not that bad.

Did you consider yourself to be a failure?

If yes, it is okay. After all, we are humans and we are bound to chase our success.