A normal person enjoy the music, a sad person relate to the lyrics. Music has always been a part of my personal existence, a symphony that reflects the many colors of my emotions. I find myself losing myself in the beat that elevates my mood and enjoying the songs during times of happiness and delight. A cocoon of musical happiness, the harmonies make the regular days exceptional.However,my connection to music takes on a devastating new meaning. It’s more than just listening to the beats it’s about finding comfort in the lyrics, which reflect the complexity of my feelings. The depressing tunes turn into a mirror that reflects the outlines of my emotions and provides comfort when words are unable to adequately convey the intensity of my sentiments.When I need comforting, the cheerful songs that used to be the soundtrack of carefree moments become a hug. The song’s words become a confidant and a friend, giving me a feeling of connection as though the writer has written my own unsaid thoughts. During these depressing breaks, music becomes more than just something to listen to; it becomes a conversation that heals, a silent partner that understands the subtleties of my emotional journey.This contradiction in my feelings for music highlights its extraordinary power the capacity to provide both boundless delight and comfort for the soul during difficult times. My personal story is reflected in the rhythm and verses, weaving a melodic tapestry that flows naturally through the various