Does the concept of time perplex you? Do you question how the very moment you are currently on will somehow just pass by until it all became nothing but a memory? All will somehow be in past tense.

The past, with its joys, sorrows, triumphs, and regrets, still lingers in our present and future. A tapestry woven with our experiences and lessons, shaping who we are today and who we will be in the future. The past is multifaceted. It was fun, nostalgic, sad, hurtful. Sometimes it leaves us with wounds to heal, history to learn from, and room for growth.

But often, the past is sad. We all have those memories that we would rather bury than cherish. Unresolved pain, trauma, anger, and fear. Those things were so hard to deal with. Some were even left unable to stand back up. It was crippling. And it makes us question whether we deserve to deal with it all. Do we really have to look it in the eye and run headfirst into it? Can’t we just turn around and run for our lives? And we all know that the answer is yes, we do. The only consolation is that they will all be in the past and when that time came, we may have the choice to cherish it or throw it aside.

It all sounds so easy. But there are people who cannot let go of their pasts. Some still beat themselves over their past mistakes. Some were afraid to go out into the world and try again. Some still shed tears over their loss. Some still resents themselves for doing what they had to do in order to survive. Some still keep their eyes open at 3:00. When all were asleep and everything was quiet, their minds are bursting with unwanted thoughts. And they could not do anything about it. They are still haunted day-by-day. The past is crippling, indeed.