Whenever I see people getting robbed of their innocence, I always feel a heavy ache towards them. Youth was so short-lived that there should be nothing else to do but enjoy every moment of it. I remember how I was once as happy and carefree before this cruel world forced me to open my eyes and see life as it really is. Complicated, rough, even dismal at times. But life happens and I was given no other choice but to confront it and get through it.

               We used to be so full of life, so eager to learn the ways of the world. Until we’re not. As if we spent our youth wanting to be adults only to regret it in the end because suddenly it isn’t as fun anymore. It wasn’t as colorful and exciting as we expected it to be. It was not the cool point in life, more like a clumsy, tiring way of living.

               We were told to romanticize life because we all know how hard it is to live if we don’t try to make things better than it actually is. We became optimists to the point of blindness because how else are we supposed to live? The world is dismal enough as it is and the one thing we can change is how we look at things.

               I long for that time when my life once revolved around childish dreams and childish problems. Back to the time when life was still a piece of cake to live.