Tired? Rest. Drained? Rest. Overwhelmed? Rest. I find it funny how easy it was for me to advise someone to rest if they’re tired, how easy it was to tell them to take things easy. That it was okay to take one little step at a time. And how hypocritical of me to tell them that they do not have to push themselves beyond just so they could finish in time.

I often told them that they can thrive at their own pace and that it was okay not to be in sync with everyone else. It was true but what makes it funny was that I know perfectly well that had I been in their place, I would not take my advice. I would not be able to rest without seeing the result. No. I would not be able to rest. Not when I enjoy what I do. Not when I hate what I do. Not when I can achieve it in time and not when everything seems impossible. No, I would not be able to rest until I have given my all unless I somehow convince myself not to do it altogether. It was all or nothing which was unreasonable because that’s not how this world works.

It was unhealthy and useless to keep going without resting. It was draining while a rest no matter how short will allow you to take a breather, refresh your perspective and think things through. So rest. Always find time to rest. You are human.