There are many reasons to be happy even in small things. Living positive life has a huge advantage to a person. These are five things that money can’t buy but will surely make us feel grateful.


  • Smiles.


It’s always the best thing a person could ever wear. The smile is the universal language that even a baby can understand. A single smile can make other think positive. Everyone has the right to smile especially you<3.

  • Sleep.

Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat, improve concentration and productivity, maximize Athletic Performance and many more positive effects to a certain person. Sleep has a large role in a human body. Not only physically but also emotionally because when a person is tired, it’s brain will not function perfectly resulting stress and unwanted actions.


  • Laughter.


Laughing is one of the best feeling everyone can do for free especially when we’re with our favorite friends and family. “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing also decreases stress and it increases immune cells improving humans resistance to fight diseases. Laughter is effective in putting our minds in a positive state which can reduce stress. The most wasted in all days is one without laughter.


  • Happy memories.


Happy memories are always the best. Whenever we’re having a bad day, reminiscing happiest days in our lives never fails to make us smile :D. A quick scan of Instagram and Facebook reveals photos from friends’ and family’s summers, seaside smiles, posing pets, foods, lazy afternoons, campfires and early sunsets. Sometimes when we’re thinking about happy memories with our old friends or friends away from us, we get sad for we’re missing them a lot and wanting them to stay with us, Nostalgia. Good memories persist longer in our minds.

  • Friends and Family.

We can feel that the words says it all together. Happy memories are made. Love isn’t defined only by blood and last names: it’s all defined by commitment and respect. We may have fights with siblings and friends but in the end of the day, we’ll know that they love and they’ll love us no matter what. Heaven is when your family becomes your friends and your friends becomes your family.

There are many beautiful reasons to be grateful and satisfied; it is only up to us on how we will appreciate them. Real and permanent happiness doesn’t require money. Just stay positive and look forward as if every day will be always the best day. Make every second the best memory. Life is always good.