In the beginning, there was naught but the void,

A vast expanse where darkness was employed,

No light to pierce the shroud of endless night,

No hope to guide one’s steps or shed a light.

But then a spark, a glimmer in the gloom,

A hint of warmth to lift the endless doom,

A flicker that would grow and spread its flame,

And give birth to a world that’s not the same.

The first breath drawn was sweet and full of life,

A gasp that shattered darkness like a knife,

And from that breath, the world began to form,

A newborn child, fresh from its mother’s womb.

The sun rose up, a blazing ball of fire,

To light the way and be our one desire,

And with its light, the world was bathed in gold,

A promise of the wonders to behold.

The seas were born, and with them, life did thrive,

In oceans deep, where strange creatures would dive,

And on the land, the forests grew so tall,

Their leaves would rustle with a soothing call.

The birds took flight, their wings a graceful stroke,

And sang a song that lifted every folk,

And on the ground, the beasts did roam and graze,

Their gentle steps the rhythm of the days.

And so, the world was born, a work of art,

A masterpiece that stirs the human heart,

And though it’s marred by darkness and by strife,

It’s still the greatest gift of all, our life.