Alfredo Salmos, 52, an overseas Filipino worker in Jeddah Saudi Arabia is appealing for help after he was accidentally electrocuted about two years ago in his work. According to Salmos, he was sucked into a 14,000 volts breaker that he was trying to shut down.

Salmos has suffered burns and wounds which damaged his face, head and neck. Wounds formed into keloids and hardened scars which make him difficult to move. He is currently jobless due to his condition.

Salmos is from Nueva Ecija who moved to Saudi Arabia 30 years ago to earn a living. Salmos said that he has lost communication with his family and that they have moved to another place. He will live with his mother in Nueva Ecija once granted a final exit visa by the Saudi government.

On the other hand, Saudi government could not just issue him his exit clearance unless he settles a car that is allegedly under his name. It was learned that Salmos figured in a car accident a decade ago.

Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia can help Salmos by providing him food, clothes and financial assistance. Salmos is now being assisted by some OFW friends and the Philippine consulate in Jeddah. You may call Philippine consulate in Jeddah on how to reach Alfredo Salmos at 0555-219-617 ( from the WEB)