That being said, there are a number of unsympathetic truths that people often fail to notice during the pursuit of happiness. This may be a conscious act of ignorance, since these serious facts of life challenge those who are uncertain or lacking in mental toughness. Recognizing these truths will actively empower you to achieve happiness, both in your professional and personal pursuits. These are the truths about the fundamental aspects of life.

 10 Cruel But Apparent Truths That Lot Of People Took For Granted

1. Information should never confuse with knowledge.

While it is possible to spend the majority of your life absorbing data and acquiring information, this should never be confused with gaining knowledge. At best, attempting to read information and discussing theoretical ideals merely gives you a philosophical understanding of a particular subject. Experience and practical endeavors provide you with a satisfactory level of knowledge that can equip you to succeed in life.

Repeating the same activities every day hinders self-improvement - 10 Cruel Truths

2. Repeating the same activities every day hinders self-improvement.

While there may be staple features of your daily routine, the failure to embrace new lifestyle actions and broaden your range of activities will ultimately hinder self-improvement and personal development. Growth occurs as a result of change or evolution, while such an outlook also exposes you to new and exciting experiences. So although change for changes sake should be avoided, it should be considered as a viable option when necessary.

 You must take responsibility of your own happiness - 10 Cruel Truths

 3. You must take responsibility of your own happiness.

While we all dream of finding love and settling down with a life-partner, there is always a risk that a romantic relationship can end acrimoniously and in heartbreak. This ending can occur because you have an unhealthy view of relationships, and place your heart and happiness in the hands of a loved one. This is extremely counter-productive, as you must assume responsibility for your own happiness and develop a sense of self-worth that enables you to approach relationships from a position of emotional security.

 Life is short and there’s more to be embraced - 10 Cruel Truths

 4. Life is short and there’s more to be embraced.

While there is evidence to suggest that the average life expectancy is continuing to rise even in developing economies, it’s a fundamental truth that the typical human existence is relatively short. Although this is not a positive thought, you should consider it as a reminder to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and live your life to the fullest.

 You have a lot to learn regardless of your age - 10 Cruel Truths

 5. You have a lot to learn regardless of your age.

Whether you are a teenager, in the prime of life or approaching your retirement, you cannot deny that learning is a constant process that continues from birth until the day that you die. If you fail to absorb new information or methods of working as you continue to age, you will ultimately cease to evolve or advance in line with social progression.

 There are always factors that you can’t control - 10 Cruel Truths

 6. There are always factors that you can’t control.

The course of your life is influenced by a series of factors, from the people you meet, to your health, or the decision others make. Many of these factors will remain outside of your direct control, and it is important that you do not waste your time, talent and emotional energy attempting to influence them. Instead, you should focus solely on influencing the factors that you can control, such as prioritizing your goals and surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your lifetime.

 You can’t achieve success in life without providing value - 10 Cruel Truths

 7. You can’t achieve success in life without providing value.

We have already known how the interpretation of success varies from person to person, but this does not mean that there are not fundamental rules that can help you to achieve your goals. It is important not to become preoccupied with a generic understanding of success, or simply aspire to become wealthy and famous without understanding how you intend to achieve these ambitions. You cannot be successful without first providing value, and this requires you to develop in-demand skills and apply them over a period of time.

 The past can never be changed, only learned from - 10 Cruel Truths

 8. The past can never be changed, only learned from.

Like failure, our past experiences are the building blocks that help structure our lives and determine all future successes. This should help you to cope with the fact that you will never be able to change your past or the impact that it has had on your life, regardless of your age or the outlook that you have on life. Instead, what you can do is control how you react to past events and learn from them in a constructive and positive manner.

 Failure is a fundamental and necessary part of life - 10 Cruel Truths

 9. Failure is a fundamental and necessary part of life.

While none of us like to fail, this is unfortunately an inescapable and Omni-present fact of life that must be accepted unequivocally. Even though you may fear failure, you cannot refuse to accept new challenges simply in an attempt to avoid feelings of disappointment. When you consider that failure is a necessary foundation on which success is often built, it is something that can be embraced and given positive associations.