Apart from our parents, teachers have done the most to shape our lives. From kindergarten through college, they’re doing their very best and continuously sacrificing everything to help us grow and learn was not in vain. Every teacher deserves to be appreciated.


  1. Teachers work around the clock.


Being a teacher is not that easy. We may look at them as if they are not thinking for what they are thinking for tomorrow’s lesson. Their time to rest is limited. Remember, they also have their personal life to manage.

  1. Everything a teacher does is for the better of their students.

Teachers are always open for us whenever we need advice. Not just educationally but also emotionally. A teacher can help students grow, be independent and mature as a better person. Young children learn from what they see, and they will often follow a teacher’s lead.


  1. Teachers don’t accept failure, and they push you to better yourself.


Everyone has felt like they weren’t enough or that they absolutely could never learn that hard math equation. They will not accept “I can’t” as an answer. Instead, they will push you to do things you may think you can’t do.

  1. Teachers have a large scale of patience.

When parents aren’t around, teachers are the ones who have to take care their child. Imagine that you have 10 children to take care with, isn’t in hard to manage them all at once? Remember that we should not take that advantage to do things they don’t like.


  1. Teachers makes everything positive.


Even though we have problems, teachers always give us reason to look through things positively. We may sometimes experience stressful activities but they’re way of motivating us always work. They never fail to make their students smile.

It isn’t super common that teachers get recognized for all the hard work they do. They may sometimes be strict to us but we’re sure they know what they’re doing. They love us and we should love them back. Let’s make them feel appreciated and loved. They are all precious and should be respected. Teachers, thank you for existing! Happy Teacher’s Month and we love ya’ll. Life’s getting better.